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African Safari

If going on an African safari is something you dream about, why not take steps toward making the dream come true. Your African safari will be well worth all of the time and planning it takes to make it happen. Go on, unleash the adventurous side of you.

On your Africa safari don't miss the opportunity to see its nature, its animals and birds, its savannas and deserts, its jungles and waterfalls.

There are endless ways to vacation in today’s world. Air travel makes it possible to get almost anywhere in the world in thirty hours or less. The local park or the state right next door are no longer our only reasonable vacation options. We can go on huge cruise ships and explore the beauty of the seas or we can vacation in a cabin tucked away in the mountains. It is even possible and reasonable to go on an African safari for your next vacation.


I know, an African safari seems a little too exotic and certainly too expensive for a typical family trip. And you are right in that an African safari is not a typical way to spend a week or two as a family, but it certainly is becoming a more viable option as travel becomes easier and more reasonable.


Admit it. There is at least a little bit of you that has always desired to take an African safari, to explore some of the world’s wildest and most unknown places. I believe that you should start to make plans for an African safari if only because you want to. Don’t let yourself get stressed out with all of the details that seem unrealistic. Instead, allow yourself to commit to planning a trip simply because it is something that would make your life richer and more full.


There are many ways to start planning an African safari.

The best and the world-known safari destinations are Masai Mara in Kenya, Serengeti on Zanzibar (Tanzania), Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Okavango in Botswana and Kruger Park in South Africa.

Many people dream of going on safari; seeing animals in the natural habitat and experiencing the beauty of the African landscape. Safari holidays are designed to let you see big game and other wildlife in its natural habitat. There is nothing more astounding than being in the same environment as animals you've only ever seen in a zoo or on the television. 

The plains of Africa are home to a huge number of species, but most people want to see elephants, giraffes, big cats, zebras, hippos and birds.

In Swahili, the word safari means journey and is mainly aimed at hunting and exploring. Nowadays, however, the word safari is generally associated with adventure and the discovery of habitats and wildlife of the African land. And many people have experienced how truly remarkable an experience an African Safari can be in recent years.


An African safari can be undertaken in various ways, by driving throughout the African wildland or through fly-in safaris.


There are four basic types of safari through Africa:

-permanent tented safaris
-mobile safaris
-lodge safaris
-theme-based safaris, such as canoing, elephant-back, horseback or honeymoon safaris


An African safari through Southern and Eastern Africa usually takes between 10 and twenty days.


There are a few things you should do to make sure your African safari is not only exciting, but also safe. While you are planning an African safari tour, it is highly recommended to choose a well-trained an experienced safari guide, or a local tour operator who is very familiar with local conditions and etiquette. You should also make sure all the essential things for the safari are included in the package, such as accommodation, meals, ground transportation, excursion, guide or driver service and transfers.


Some of the most popular African safari destinations are Okavango Delta, Cape Town and Winelands, Kruger Park and Sabi-Sands, Chobe Park, Namib Desert, Victoria Falls, Etosha Park, Mount Kenya, Bazaruto Archipelago, Ngorongoro Crate, Forest Gorilla Treks and Kilimanjaro Mountains. African weather conditions are generally good throughout the whole year, but autumn and winter are the best seasons for safaris.


You can undertake an African safari in various ways, such as on horseback or on the back of an elephant; walking, flying, ballooning or driving through the African land. Either way you choose to do it, you will get a truly memorable experience. Once again though, it is essential to choose a tour operator with a lot of experience, strong knowledge of the local language and great contacts in Africa.


Photos by Austin Distel, Kelly Arnold, Jean Wimmerlin, Charl Durand, Hu Chen, Sneha, Dawna Caplin on Unsplash